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Greenward Papers #3: Energy Efficiency True Value

Greenward Partners presents Greenward Papers #3 about Energy Efficiency True Value.

Energy efficiency delivers outputs and multitude of benefits that goes far beyond the mere cost savings in the energy bill. There are two differentiated aspects and value propositions in its energy and non-energy dimensions: Efficiency Service and Efficiency Energy. Efficiency Energy is a renewable energy source and should be also valued as that. Efficiency Energy is at the center of the new emergent energy system transforming buildings into Distributed Energy Assets. There are now robust and accredited international protocols to measure and verify the generation of Negawatts. The Grid value of Efficiency Energy can be activated through the Avoided Cost methodology. Energy Efficiency is a national concern, the case for an overhaul of the Spanish National Energy Efficiency Fund scheme to activate the value of White Certificates. The Metered Energy Efficiency Transaction Structure could become the preferred one to activate the True Value of energy efficiency.

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